Our Meads

[Vol 3.]
Chapter 6. Release Date 12.1.23 (4PM EST) SOLD OUT
6. Cranberry Cherry

Chapter 5. Release Date 11.17.23 (5PM EST) SOLD OUT
5. Yerba Black Lime
Chapter 4. Release Date 09.29.23 (5PM EST) SOLD OUT
4. Pomegranate Zereshk
Chapter 3. Release Date 08.18.23 (5PM EST) SOLD OUT
3. Mango Hot Honey
Chapter 2. Release Date 06.16.23 (5PM EST) SOLD OUT
2. Raspberry Lychee
Chapter 1. Release Date 06.09.23 (5PM EST) SOLD OUT
1. Banana Waffles

[Vol 2.]
Chapter 6. Release Date 04.20.23 (420PM EST) SOLD OUT
6. Hallabong

Chapter 5. Release Date 03.17.23 (5PM EST) SOLD OUT
5. Blueberry Cashew N4N
Chapter 4. Release Date 03.17.23 (5PM EST) SOLD OUT

4. Blueberry Cheesecake
Chapter 3. Release Date 02.17.23 (4PM EST)  SOLD OUT
3. Black Current
Chapter 2. Release Date 02.10.23 (4PM EST) SOLD OUT
2. Carrot Cake

Chapter 1. Release Date 01.20.23 (4PM EST) SOLD OUT

1. Raspberry

[Vol 1.]
Chapter 8. Release Date: 12.23.22 (4PM EST) SOLD OUT 
8. Watermelon Mead
Chapter 7. Release Date: 11.18.22 (5PM EST) SOLD OUT
7. Martinelli’s

Chapter 6. Release Date: 11.04.22 (5PM EST) SOLD OUT
6. Elderberry Mead
Chapter 5. Release Date: 10.08.22 (11AM EST) SOLD OUT
5. Cherry Mead

Chapter 4. Release Date: 08.26.22 (5PM EST) SOLD OUT
4. Quenepa
Chapter 3. Release Date: 07.29.22 (5PM EST) SOLD OUT
3. Jackfruit
Chapter 2. Release Date: 06.24.22 (5PM EST) SOLD OUT
2. Sumo Citrus

Chapter 1. Release Date: 05.20.22 (5PM EST) SOLD OUT
1. Pomegranate + Blackberry “Crisp”

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Our Meads

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We are a small batch meadery in Queens, NYC, with unique releases every month.

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Vol. 2 Memberships 6 Bottles Guaranteed 

5 * 187 ml + 1 * 355 ml

This will guarantee the next six releases (Vol. 2 Chapter 1 - 6) are shipped or handed to you — hassle free. One of the six bottles will be a special 355ml (12oz) with 50mg. Members also get our custom glassware.

As always we will make them available for shipping and pickup in Ridgewood, NYC. Be sure to choose the correct method. Proxies are welcome and we always try to be super flexible about pickup dates and times.

The shipping option will cover you for your membership bottle AND any additional public bottles you decide to purchase on release day. We will ship both to you, at no additional cost. We hope this will at least eliminate any of our long-term supporters missing out on any of the Vol. 2 bottles.

30mg, 50mg

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